Repositioning of the Jagenberg Group Family Brand Launch on 14.04.2021

Repositioning of the Jagenberg Group Family Brand Launch on 14.04.2021

Jagenberg AG, part of Kleinewefers Group headquartered in Krefeld, Germany, acts as the management holding for 19 operating companies of Jagenberg Group that employ around 1,300 people in Europe, China, India and the USA. Next to the industrial holdings of Jagenberg Group, Kleinewefers Group operates a second business unit with its real estate business.

Jagenberg Group is realigning its corporate strategy and focuses on the Industrial Solutions division. The core business areas relate to machinery and equipment, automation and drives technology, and digital solutions for processing web-shaped materials such as films or paper.

Until now, Jagenberg has often been perceived as a group of individual companies standing side by side, with the result that the synergetic interaction as a group was not sufficiently recognizable. The aim of the repositioning is to develop an unmistakable, authentic brand identity with the strengths and commonalities of the group. "We see ourselves as a group of leading companies that contribute their own strengths to our family of companies in a value-creating way. Only through an umbrella brand with a strong external impact can we differentiate ourselves from other market players, expand our brand awareness and strengthen the position of each individual company with its established product brands," explains Dr. Erich Bröker, CEO of Jagenberg AG. "Only a genuine, authentic brand has the power to convey trust and credibility."

In a joint process, a new brand for the activities of the "Industrial Solutions" business unit was developed from the identities of the group companies and the identity of Jagenberg.

Next to the range of products and services offered by each company, additional business opportunities and new markets are to be exploited in the future through closer cooperation between the group companies. The extensive know-how and expertise of the individual companies will be pooled according to customer requirements, thus enabling the development of high-performance overall solutions. In this way, the group creates clear added value for customers and partners.

The new mission statement of Jagenberg Group is "Create.Future.Together.". "Innovative technologies for processing web-shaped materials are the historically grown core of Jagenberg Group. As a mid-sized, dynamic group of companies, we feel very connected to our more than 140-year history and the continuing will to shape creative, future-oriented solutions for our customers. Entrepreneurial thinking is anchored in our DNA. "Create" consequently describes the will to actively shape things, which is reflected in our corporate structure.

In a way, this is the USP of Jagenberg Group: flat hierarchies, short lines of communication and thus the ability to make quick decisions and implement them quickly. And - last but not least - our high level of actionability is based on a solid financial foundation," explains Dr. Erich Bröker.

"Future" expresses forward-looking thinking and acting. Jagenberg Group does not look for short-term optimizations but focuses on long-term perspectives and future-oriented technologies. The keyword is sustainability. "Together" ultimately means willingness to engage in dialogue. This is based on our conviction that together we are strong. That describes both, the cohesion within our Group, and the exchange with our customers. We are convinced that the great challenges of the future can be mastered more successfully when we work together."

The new brand identity of Jagenberg Group presents itself in a fresh corporate design that highlights the togetherness of all companies. With this joint new appearance and image, the name of each company is retained and is additionally recognizable to the outside world as a member of Jagenberg Group. As a necessary basis for a successful brand presence, all communication elements of the group companies - from business stationery to a new internet presence - were defined and newly produced according to uniform principles.


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