Mercerizing lines

Our chainless mercerising range is suitable for cold as well as hot mercerisation. This range yields the required lustre, colour affinity and appearance. The brilliant feel of the fabric after mercerisation in our machines meets customers’ requirements entirely.

The mercerising range consists of an impregnating zone, a stabilising zone and a lye recuperator. Novel wet-on-wet mercerisation with add-on application of caustic and total dimensional stability with unique stretching zone.

  • Diffusion compartment with grooved stainless steel rollers for swelling of cotton fabric

  • Rotary drum filter with circulation pump for caustic recovery

  • Longitudinal/lateral stretching zone for stretching fabric longitudinally and horizontally

  • Counter-current washing and pH control

  • Very limited contact with fabric to avoid width-shrinkage

  • Indirect heating system for hot mercerisation

  • Addition of caustic possible for wet fabric

  • Accelerated diffusion due to higher concentration gradient

  • Dimensionally stable fabric

  • Reduction of caustic volume

  • Drying process minimised for feed fabric

  • Less residual shrinkage

  • Significant savings in terms of chemicals, energy, water and time

  • Less polluting and more eco-friendly

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Mercerizing lines
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