Washing plays a crucial role in wet finishing since the final outcome of any pre-treatment or dyeing is hugely dependent upon how effective the washing has been.

We offer two different kinds of washing units:

  • Compacta: A high-efficiency open-width washing machine
  • SuperFlush: A high-efficiency open-width washing machine with a counter-flow system


The unique design of washers with an up-and-down continuous washing operation is highly effective. The modular construction enables it to integrate with all pre-treatment ranges.

  • Full-fluid-capacity washing machine

  • Up-and-down washers with squeezing rolls on top for improved efficiency

  • Closely positioned rolls for liquor penetration and avoiding creases

  • Direct or indirect heating (optional)

  • Accumulator type washer to enhance the washing effect

  • Removes all soluble deposits from the surface of the fabric

  • Fabric travels in the opposite direction to the flow of liquid

  • Combination of surface washing and penetration washing of all types of fabrics, heavyweight to delicate, without creasing

  • Diffusion of hydrolysed colours for complete washing

  • Even and maximum squeezing for improved efficiency

  • Significant savings in terms of chemicals, energy, water and time

  • Less polluting and more eco-friendly


This open-width tall washing machine is a combination of 'immersion', 'counter-flow' and 'penetration'. Due to this, the washing efficiency is extremely high. It consists of two vertical rows of single troughs on the fabric path for immersion, and water cascading down causing saturation while the fabric path moves in the opposite direction to the water flow. Fresh water is added from the top.

  • Washing efficiency independend of line speed because of additional mechanical water force

  • Short distances between a high number of rollers benefit penetration and avoid creasing

  • Little liquor content, multiple use of wash liquor due to circulation

  • Direct and indirect heating by external heat exchanger (optional)

  • Controlled drive system for process tuned fabric tension

  • Superior washing due to immersion, penetration and counter-flow

  • Reduced number of squeezing units result in a shorter washing range

  • Lower water consumption compared to conventional washers

  • Water is recycled to reduce water consumption

  • Crease-free fabric run

  • Significant savings in terms of chemicals, energy, water and time

  • Easy access of range due to swing-back troughs

  • Maintenance-free

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