Jagenberg Textile bleaching solution is highly effective due to its characteristic components, which are optimised to yield the desired result. Once the entire process has been completed, the fabric is ready for further treatment/dyeing.

The bleaching range consists of a de-sizing unit, a vacuum system for bath separation, a chemical applicator, a steamer for activating the chemicals and washing units for subsequent washing. A high-efficiency squeezer with S-Roll is appropriately placed.

  • De-sizing washer with suction slot for removal of mechanically attached dirt

  • Washers above and below with squeezing rolls on top for improved efficiency

  • Chemical applicator for maximum pick-up and minimum consumption

  • Steamer with 'cloud control' technology

  • Perfectly designed dosing system

  • Removal of all soluble deposits from the fabric surface

  • Transverse and counter-current flow of liquor

  • Cloud control for improved steaming effect on fabric

  • Chemical application with maximum pick-up and maintenance-free design applicator

  • Even and maximum squeezing for improved efficiency

  • Uniform results

  • Increase in productivity

  • Significant savings in terms of chemicals, energy, water and time („One-Step-Only“)

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